About Whitefoord, Inc.

Whitefoord is the centralized community resource that connects diverse children and families to quality healthcare and education services that form a strong foundation of learning and support for long-term success.


To engage, serve, and strengthen community through health and education.


All in our community are healthy and children have what they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Our Desired Outcomes for Children and Families:

  • Children and families are healthy
  • Children are ready for school
  • Children are doing well in school
  • Children are safe
  • Families are involved

The Whitefoord Story

In 1995, Dr. George W. Brumley and his former student, Dr. Veda Johnson, established Whitefoord, Inc. to address the health and educational needs of children and families of the Whitefoord Elementary School District in southeast Atlanta. Through an in-school health center, Dr. Brumley made a crucial connection between health and academic success: healthy children stayed in school and achieved more.

From its roots in health and education, Whitefoord soon grew beyond the in-school health center at Whitefoord Elementary School to meet even more needs of children and families. In 1998, the Child Development Program was launched to improve the accessibility of quality pre-school education for the community’s youngest residents. By training in-home care providers, thus improving their skills in this important vocation, Whitefoord also improved the livelihoods of many of the community’s adults. Due largely in part to the substantial impact the early childhood education programs and in-school health facilities made in the community, Whitefoord later established its Beyond School Hours program to continue academic improvement through after-school and summer activities in a safe environment. In 2000, Whitefoord was selected as an Intel Computer Clubhouse, an innovative technology-based after-school enrichment program. After 17 years of operating health centers only in schools, Whitefoord opened its first-ever community based Family Medical Center in the Kirkwood neighborhood in the fall of 2012.

We are thrilled about our growth over the years, and look forward to our continued success in providing critical services and programs to children and families who need us most.

Memorable Milestones

1994 –

First school based health center established at Whitefoord Elementary School

1998 –

Child Development Program launched, serving children ages 0-4

1998 –

Debut of after-school and summer enrichment programs

1999 –

Expanded school-based health network to Sammye E. Coan Middle School

2000 –

Selected as the site location for an Intel Computer Clubhouse

2003 –

Dental services for children and adults begins at in-school health centers.

2004 –

United Way Alex de Toqueville Society’s Community Impact Award recipient

2005 –

DuPont Ave. renamed George W. Brumley Way in honor of the Brumley Family’s contributions to Whitefoord

2006 –

Achieved National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditation for Child Development Program

2007 –

Awarded Atlanta Public Schools’ A+ Award for Innovation in Programming & Collaboration

2012 –

Opened first community-based Family Medical Center

2017 –

Opened health center at King Middle School