Our Child Development Program was established in 1998 to increase the quality, quantity, and accessibility of child care for residents of the Edgewood community. From its initial enrollment of 20, the program has grown to serve more than 125 children ages six weeks to five years, including a Georgia lottery-funded Pre-K Program.

Our National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited program features a High Scope Learning Approach Curriculum in which children enjoy an environment that stimulates learning and encourages curiosity, exploration, problem solving, and self-expression through hands-on activities. We believe children learn by doing – through actively experiencing and exploring their environment as well as making many of their own decisions.

As with all the programs at Whitefoord, the Child Development Center focuses on collaboration with parents and families to improve the well-being and school-preparedness of their children. Our primary caregivers conduct ongoing individual assessments and partner with families to provide care based on changes in needs or potential developmental or physical health issues. A Family Resources Coordinator provides parenting workshops, counseling, and links families to other Whitefoord programs and services as well as other community resources. Program fees are based on a sliding scale as determined by annual household income.

Education at the Child Development Center includes:

  • Daily schedule with a balance of child-selected and teacher-facilitated activities.
  • Positive interactions between teachers and children – moments that can last a lifetime.
  • Parent involvement and conferences in which teachers share insightful observations.
  • Ongoing teacher training and professional development.
  • Family Resource Coordinators who provide parenting workshops, counseling and connection to other Whitefoord Inc. services and community programs.
  • Two healthy meals and a snack based on USDA nutritional guidelines

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
6:30 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. year round

 Program Locations

Infant and Toddler House
(6 weeks-2 years)
1361 George W. Brumley Way
Atlanta, GA 30317
(404) 522-0508


Whitefoord Early Learning Academy
(Classes located in former Whitefoord Elementary School building)
35 Whitefoord Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30317
(40) 414-1607


Two  Year Old House
1362 Wylie Street, SE
Atlanta, GA 30317
(404) 386-7607 – 2 year old class


To learn more about our Child Development Program, please call (404) 523-2500! If interested in enrolling, please complete the enrollment packet below and email to rwarren@whitefoord.org.