Peer Review

Peer Review is the process of retrospective review of the clinical competency of each provider. Peer review on a provider can only be done by another similarly privileged provider. Peer review is primarily done through medical record reviews and focuses on the following elements:

  • Evaluation of the completeness and accuracy of the assessment of a randomly chosen set of patients,
  • Evaluation of the appropriateness of care or treatment plan for the correlating assessments of the selected patients,
  • Evaluation of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the education provided to the selected patients, and
  • Evaluation of the appropriateness of the continuum of services utilized by the providers in assessing and treating the selected patients.

This process has elements of quality control and performance improvement. Its ultimate purpose is to maintain minimum levels of performance among all providers and also to identify opportunities to improve the performance of Whitefoord Health Centers provider’s overall as well as individually. Additionally, because of the impact on reimbursement and continuum of care, medical record completeness and other performance-based reviews will also be factored into the peer review process.

Quality Improvement Activities

The Whitefoord Inc. Quality Improvement Program has as its focus the ongoing assessment and improvement of clinical care and health services delivery

The scope and content of the Quality Improvement Program is to provide continuous and incremental performance improvement toward the delivery of quality ambulatory health care services that is efficient and cost effective and consistent with the mission of the health Centers. Specifically, the QI Program includes, but is not limited to:

Monitoring and evaluation of:

  • Primary Care Delivery
  • Preventive health services
  • Management of acute and chronic care
  • Specialty Services-Dental, Behavioral Health
  • Continuity of care
  • Care Coordination
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of practice guidelines, that are evidence-based
  • Regulatory and accreditation compliance
  • Development and implementation of health and disease management programs
  • Medical record review/documentation audits
  • Patients and staff satisfaction surveys
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and resolution of patient complaints and grievances through the risk management program
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