Lead Teacher

Position Description

The Lead Teacher is responsible for the day-to-day planning and implementation of the program’s prescribed curriculum in creative and developmentally appropriate ways. She/He is responsible for ensuring that a classroom management system is developed and used that is positive and redirective in daily practice. The Lead Teacher is responsible for the daily supervision of the classroom’s Assistant Teachers as well as any Substitute Teachers, Interns, or Volunteers assigned to the classroom. The Lead Teacher is the program’s primary contact person with a child’s parent(s) or legal guardian regarding the child’s cognitive and social/emotional development, behavior and/or other specific needs.  The Lead Teacher works under the supervision of the program’s Director.

The Lead Teacher will develop upon their practicum experience to hands-on interaction and build upon a solid foundation of caring and learning within a prepared environment.


Minimum of Bachelors of Arts degree in Early Childhood or related field.  Must successfully pass a criminal background check.

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