Meet Whitefoord’s Executive Leadership Team

Whitefoord’s Senior Leadership Team is comprised of seasoned and talented professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible to the children and families we serve each day. Our team of professionals brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to help further Whitefoord’s mission and meet our strategic goals.



Jean O’Connor, JD, DrPH, FACHE
CEO & Executive Director

Jean C. O’Connor, JD, MPH, DrPH, FACHE is a public health leader and researcher. She spent 5 years as the chronic disease prevention director and chief public health policy officer for the State of Georgia.  More…








Michael Bekele

Michael Bekele came to Whitefoord following a corporate finance and accounting career. After joining the nonprofit world, he was quick to embrace and became an ardent supporter of the mission of the organization More…