In order to provide the most integrated and holistic health care services possible to our patients, Whitefoord has a dedicated team of dental providers and staff to provide preventative and routine dental services.

Comprehensive dental services are available for both children and adults and provided services include:

Exams | Fillings | Cleanings | Extractions | Dentures | Partials


Our hygiene department also offers routine and deep cleanings to address gingivitis.

Our Dental Director encourages parents to start their children’s dental care at age 3 with a general examination and treatment, if needed, by age 5.

When patients schedule their first appointment, a comprehensive exam is completed. This includes an oral exam, digital X-rays, a complete periodontal exam, and a customized treatment plan.

Service Locations:

Whitefoord Family Medical Center
30 Warren Street
Atlanta, GA 30317
Whitefoord Elementary School Based Health Center
35 Whitefoord Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30317
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School Based Health Center
545 Hill St SE
Atlanta, GA 30312